Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why Facebook buying Instagram does not matter!

Well, this past week the social media giant Facebook decided it wanted to get into the photography business so they decided to purchase the picture giant Instagram. To be I honest I really don't think that this will matter to us Instagram users! Facebook knows that if you have something good than you shouldn't go messing with it much like MySpace did, if you guys even remember when MySpace was cool. I actually think that this is a great move on Instagrams part do to the fact that Facebook has over 850 million users with this huge amount of users I think that Instagram will see tremendous growth within the coming months. In fact I think that Instagram will get better and not at all worse. So for all you kids out there complaining about how Facebook is going to potentially ruin Instagram, you guys just have to give Facebook a shot and see what happens! Do you like or appose the purchase? Share your thoughts jn the comments below!

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