Monday, April 16, 2012

RageWars: the dumbest yet most fun iOS game

What do you get when you cross rage comics with heavy duty all American weapons of pure destruction? Well the answer is the game RageWars! At first glance the game seems like a nasty mesh of horrible graphics and those creepy rage comic characters but once you really get into the game you will find it hard to take your eyes off the screen without having feelings of regret! The game is focused around a student who upsets his teacher and in order to get his revenge the teacher kidnaps the students girlfriend, oh yeah and he also releases a herd of killer zombies! Because everyone knows that a game without zombies is like thanksgiving without the stuffing. The game does however offer two game modes one being story and the other being arena mode. The only real point of the game is survive the countless number of zombies that are released upon you during each level while collecting different weapons along the way. The game does sync with game center allowing you to keep track of your score while also comparing with friends. With this game being free i highly suggest it to every iOS user.    

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