Friday, April 13, 2012

Apple Unibody Headphones Sound Snazzy!

The thing with Apple headphones is that you either love them or you hate them. Most people actually find the Apple headphones poorly mad with horrible sound quality, I on the other hand have as deep of a love as you can have with these headphones before it becomes creepy. Earlier this week Apple actually applied for a patent to allow them to sell a so called "unibody" headphones which has stirred up some mighty fine conversation within the ever growing tech community. I actually do think that it is time for Apple to upgrade their headphone line as the whole design of the current headphones have seen little change since they were originally launched. These headphones are said to be made by a process called ultrasonic bonding which sounds cooler then it actually is, it will probably just be made by the process of putting multiple pieces together and sanding out the connecting points. But how will apple market these headphones? These headphones sound like they are going to be extremely nice and well made but they are probably going to cost quite a bit more to assembly which could mean that Apple might market these as an entirely separate product such as they did with there not so popular in-ear  headphones. But then again maybe they will be released with the ever imminent iPhone 5.

Are you happy that apple is finally updating there aging headphones? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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