Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cubby First Impressions

Dropbox has finally met a proper opponent in the cloud storage wars, and I’m not referring to Google Drive. I am talking about the newly released Cubby, currently in beta. Cubby has the ability to do all that Dropbox does with the addition of many useful features. Right out of the gate you are granted with a generous 5GB of cloud storage, but are also given unlimited storage if you are syncing data between two computers! Something else that Cubby has over Dropbox is the ability to share a “cubby” with people whom you want to share your data with. This can be a useful feature within both small and huge businesses who wish to make all their information available to all employees. But one of the greatest parts of Cubby is its deep integration with both iOS and Android through their newly released apps. This is a great feature allowing easy file transfer between both your computer and phone. Being that Cubby is still in beta, you have to sign up to be a beta tester by registering with your email at The process of becoming a beta tester is fairly simple and I was able to download Cubby after a week of waiting.

Cubby iOS app
Cubby desktop app

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