Friday, April 20, 2012

Air Droid: Remotely Access Your Android Phone From Your Computer

One of the great perks of Android is its openness and with this openness you get an uncountable amount of perks! While searching through the endless pit we refer to as the Play Store I stumbled across the app Air Droid, which promised the ability to stream my Android content over the internet and back to my computer. Thinking that this was an outrageous claim I decided to call their bluff and download it! But, it actually worked and I mean it worked really well seeing that it was being streamed. So what Air Droid actually does is gives you a web address which you type into the web browser of your choosing. Once you have done that you will be prompted to enter a password which is provided to you by the Air Droid app, you can even setup a custom password if you feel the need to. Once you have entered the necessary credentials all your media that is on your Android device is made available to you in an easy to use desktop interface. There is a number of things that Air Droid allows you to do such as sending and receiving text messages, transferring media between computer and device, download and install applications, get info about your device, and edit your devices contacts all from the comfort of your computer! Air Droid is still a beta service but you can download the app for free from the Play Store.

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