Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Call of Mini: Last Stand Review/iOS

In our society there isn’t a teen out there who can’t find any greater pleasure than sitting down with a good old zombie game. Well the folks over at Trinity Interactive Limited have added on to that seemingly unending list by pushing out the app Call of Mini: Last Stand for iOS. While this game has been available for a while, it is just now beginning to pick up speed as being an all-around great game. This is actually one of the three available in the Call of Mini franchise, with the others holding a strong focus on multiplayer gameplay. The primary objective of the game is to fend off incoming zombies while protecting survivors who are trying to reach the church, or the “safe zone”. As you progress through the game you will face even harder zombies and you will also have the opportunity to upgrade your weapons as you gain money. The game is actually extremely enjoyable with great graphics and a simple to use control setup. But all games have their Achilles heel. In the case of Call of Mini, it is the fact that the game lacks the ability to partake in multiplayer gameplay and has only one level which can make the game feel repetitive after a few hours of gameplay. It also makes you think that Trinity Interactive Limited could have done a better job if they merged all three games in the franchise, especially since each game offers something that the other doesn’t. You can pick this game up from the app store for free with other versions of the game reaching .99 cents
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