Monday, April 2, 2012

Tablets in Schools

Let's face it, technology is the biggest distraction for students today. But how would that change if students learned from technology? Tablets are starting to be slowly allowed in schools across the country and have showed great results. Some people can't see or don't know the functionality that tablets in school would offer. It would allow students to have a lighter load to carry around with all the books in a convenient 3 pound device. Tablets would also give students a new way of learning with the ability to interact with the device while also giving increased note taking functionality. But there're a few downfalls to having tablets in school. Tablets are expensive with some reaching upwards to a 1000 dollars. Also all the tablets that offer true functionality with textbooks such as the iPad all have a hefty price tag. While other tablets such as the kindle fire or Nook tablet have a much less expensive price point but also don't have true tablet functionality. The perfect tablet for schools would have to be a sub 200 device that still maintains textbook abilities. But this might not be possible unless manufactures realize that in order for tablets to be widely accepted in schools that they would need to lower the prices and still include functional software.

Do you use a tablet in school or do you wish you could? Leave a comment below and share your opinion!

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