Saturday, April 14, 2012

StickWars 3 review

One of the most popular games on iOS and one of my favorite games in general has added one more chapter to their ever growing franchise. StickWars 3 was released recently an I have had difficulty putting my phone down. StickWars 3 has done a good job at kepping the classic StickWars gameplay but now tells the story of Dark Lord King Maelnik who has been the enemy in prior StickWars games. . The game has actually seen some improvements such as graphics that are nicer to look at and a greater integration with campaign. The game does have its downfalls however which include lack of game mode options and some what aging characters. But who knows maybe in StickWars 3 we will see some major improvement. I highly suggest this game to all iOS users and with this game being free there is no reason that you should go pick this up!

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