Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Frameograph vs. Jittergram (stop motion cameras for iPhone)

Now I am a huge fan of stop motion videos in fact not to long ago I actually reviewed the app Frameograph. But one day as I was exploring my passion for iPhone photo apps I stumbled upon the app Jittergram. Jittergram is essentially the same as Frameograph but it doesn't hold a .99 cent price tag like Frameograph. Both offer some very nice features to ensure that you take the best stop motion video possible on your iPhone. Such as the ability to use onion skin which shows the outline of the previous picture taken. While these are both great apps Frameograph does have a better put together interface with much faster frame capture. But the greatest advantage that Frameograph has over Jittergram is the ability to save a video to the camera roll and be able to watch it, while Jittergram does allow you to save it to the camera roll the video isn't in the right format to be played on your I device. Which one sounds like a better deal? Do you not mind not being able to save your videos to your camera roll with Jittergram or does its free price-tag make it worth it? Shout out your comments below!

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