Monday, April 16, 2012

Max Payne Mobile Impressions - iOS

Back in 2001 and 2002, the original Max Payne released on all major platforms. Now in a mere decade, you can find it on your phone. Crazy right?

I am pleased to report that (like the GTA3 iOS release) due justice has been done to the tragedy-stricken New York cop on the iPhone and iPad.

Visuals: The visuals have been much improved, adding a higher overall resolution and widescreen.

Controls: The controls are about as good as you can ask for on the platform. You have a shoot, jump, and bullet time button, along with two virtual analog sticks to control your movement and camera. The nicest feature of the controls is the ability to move all of the buttons to whatever position you find comfortable.

I've only invested about an hour into the game so far, so all opinions are subject to change. You can pick up Max Payne Mobile now on the iOS store (Android Store on April 26th) for what I find to be a very fair price of $2.99.

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