Friday, March 30, 2012

Why I Will Never Go Back to Android

        Android is awesome but iOS is awesomer, if that's even a word! When I first got my iPhone I was a little reluctant to purchase it due to the fact that I had been using an Android device and had grown extremely fond of the huge display on my Droid X and the huge customizability that Android had to offer. But after about a week of using my iPhone 4s I had become fond of the smaller screen size and the less customizable iOS platform. But there are a few major reasons why I made the switch. First is that iOS is extremely stable and I have not seen any major problems while using the device. Secondly is that I really liked the amazing camera which has since put my point and shoot into an early retirement. But the third and most important reason that made me switch is the app store, I love how there are so many apps that are so well designed and optimized for iPhones which has made me never get bored while using my phone. But Android is still an amazing platform that has much to offer.

Especially with the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich Android has become a more enticing choice for the average user. The Google Play Store formerly known as the android market has seen huge growth over the year and even though it doesn't have as many apps as the app store it is gaining ground very quickly. But really the OS your going to use comes down to your personal preference. Android is a little more appealing for users that understand phones a little better and have the knowledge to know how to work it. iOS on the other hand is really more for people who want a reliable and easy to use experience.

What OS do you prefer, Android, iOS , WP7, or maybe you are still tied to the ever aging blackberry OS? Share you opinions in the comments below.

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