Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hunger Games: Girl on Fire App Review

        Everyone likes the Hunger Games books.  Everyone likes the Hunger Games movie.  So will everyone like the Hunger Games app?  Not unless everyone likes terrible apps!  I'm sorry to say but this app has terrible controls, no replay value, it is very glitchy, and it is just flat out boring.  You are playing as Katniss and all you do is run to the left.  The object is to shoot massive hornet looking things by touching them.  You have an option of jumping on top of the bushes or running on the actual land.  That is all you do.  About a fourth of the time the app does not respond when trying to shoot and causes you to die.  This app seems just like a marketing gimmick to sell more tickets to the movie.  This app is free, so go a head and get it but it is a huge waste of time.

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