Monday, March 26, 2012

Spotify - The Best Way to Listen to Free Music!

Do you like listen to music? Do you hate paying $1.29 for each song you buy? Would you rather listen free? If you answered yes, yes, or yes, then Spotify is for you!  Spotify streams music to your computer for absolutely no cost.  It is like combining Pandora with iTunes except it takes away the most annoying features of both.  No more wasting money on songs and you get to pick every song you listen to!  I personally use this everyday.  I just type in a song and seconds later I am listening to it.  Spotify also automatically syncs the music that is already on your computer so it is easily accessed right along with your streaming music.  Here is the catch, an ad is played every one and a while.  Also you are limited to only ten hours of streaming per month after six months of use.  But you are getting FREE music! There is an option to pay $4.99 per month for no ads and unlimited streaming.  Also another option is $9.99 per month for premium use.  This includes mobile use, no ads, unlimited streaming, and offline mode.  Offline mode is one of the coolest features ever.  Spotify allows you to store 3,333 songs on each of your devices.  Then you can listen to them anytime you want with out having internet.  This is perfect for iPods and wifi-only iPads.  So your options are paying $1.29 per song or paying a very lost cost per month for unlimited streaming and great features. I would hope everyone picks the second option.

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