Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Best Undiscovered iOS Games

Here are some of the best undiscovered apps for iPads, iPhones, and iPod.  These are in no order but they are all high quality apps, so don't hesitate to get them!

1. Fingle - 1.99 - Gameoven 

      Fingle is an app that is always good for a laugh.  This game is basically twister for your fingers.  The object of the game is to move yellow and white squares into the correct place and hold them their for a couple seconds.  But the reason that Fingle is so much fun is because it is meant for two players.  Each player uses one hand and places their fingers on the squares with one player on yellow and the other on white.  Then they slide the squares into the dotted area with lifting their fingers.  This game is a perfect ice breaker and will cause many laughs from the start.  Even the name can be the punch line of very funny jokes.  Sadly, this app is only for the iPad because ten fingers would be hard to fit on one iPhone.

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2. Triple Town - Free - Spry Fox

      Triple Town is very addicting strategy game.  Users place items to match grass which make bushes, which match to make trees, which match to make huts, which match to make...  It all sounds very confusing but after playing for a short time it will become second nature.  Points are rewarded for matches being made.  Mansions are worth the most points.  The more points scored then the better the community is and a better name is awarded.  Examples of the names given are an outpost, or a city.  The only problem is that the app only comes with 2000 moves.  Because the game is so addicting those moves will vanish very fast.  Moves slowly regenerate but the catch it that they can only replenish to up to 150.  Impatience may kick in so there is an option to buy more moves or items in the store.  Hurry and get this app to start matching!

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3. MotoHeroz - 0.99 - Ubisoft

      MotoHeroz is a very fun racing game.  There are six different vehicles with five different tracks per vehicle.  Racers speed to the finish trying to beat the one star, two star, or three star time.  Upgrades can be bought with money earned in the races.  These upgrades include top speed, acceleration, and item boost.  There is an option to use cash to buy in game money or a coin multiplier.  The controls on this game are very simple but work perfectly.  Items like boosts, jets, and springs, can be collected during races and used to gain an advantage over your opponents.  This is one of the best racing apps on iTunes and is available for iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

4. Fairway Solitaire HD - Free - Big Fish Game, Inc.

      Fairway Solitaire HD is a relaxing, strategic card game. Players are presented with piles of cards and a deck with one card showing at a time. Then users click cards from the piles that are either one less or more then the card from the deck. If that is not possible then a new card is show while the old one is discarded. The level ends when all of the piles are gone or the whole deck of cards is discarded. This is where the golf part comes into play. A score of -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, ect is given after the level ends based on the amount of cards remaining. Golf themed power ups can be used when they uncovered in the deck. It is extremely hard to put this app down after you start playing one level.

5. Clever Clear Click - 0.99 - FORMAT TECH

      Clever Clear Click is a very simple but very fun application.  The whole point of the game is the try to clear all of the dots off the board.  This is done by clicking a space between two of the same colored dots.  Then the dots are removed and a point is rewarded for each dot taken out.  After the time limit is reached the game ends and the score is show.  The concept of this game is not complicated but it can provide hours of fun.  Users will find themselves not able to stop starting new games to attempt to achieve the high score.  So do not wait to buy this app right now because it is load of fun!

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